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Preventing Workplace Violence

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, "Millions of workers experience violence or the threat of violence in their workplaces every year. These crimes range from physical assaults to robbery and homicide. Although the numbers of such crimes have significantly declined in recent years, workplace violence is the second-leading cause of occupational injury." 

Violence of any sort has many roots. Typically, there are warning signs of workplace violence. During this course, participants take a look at workplace violence - How to prevent it on an individual and an organizational level, and how to respond if it does occur. This course is suitable for employees at all levels of your organization, but is specifically designed for front-line personnel.

 Flyer for Preventing Workplace Violence

Course Objectives:
  • Articulate a definition of workplace violence.
  • Identify some warning signs of violence.
  • Develop a seven-step process for managing your anger and another person's anger and
  • Identify what to do if a violent workplace incident occurs
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