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Choose the live and online/on-demand options below to view the different types of employee development courses and resources provided by SGR.

Live Training

SGR has developed a comprehensive approach to leadership development, called Fourth Dimension Leadership, that starts at the very front line of an organization and proceeds upward throughout all levels. All courses are designed with a coherent philosophical framework that ensures consistent and effective development of employees as they progress through the system. SGR offers over 60 different courses and each live in-depth training session is approximately four hours long.

SGR has also pioneered a regional collaboration model for live, in-house employee development, which allows the host organization to contract with SGR for the training and then sell 15 seats to area organizations.
The result is that if the organization can sell 15 seats to surrounding local governments, the net training cost for the host organization is zero.


 Online Training

SGR online training is designed to maximize training dollars and provide a very valuable learning experience for your employees. All online courses are: