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These resource links are provided to assist candidates in conducting additional research on the communities in which various job opportunities are located. 

Data and Statistics Job Postings Websites (City/County/Federal) Job Postings Websites (Non-profit)
Search Firms Job Hunting, Resume and Interview Tips Job Transition Assistance

20 Hot Career Advancement Articles - a frequently-updated list of the top 20 articles that will keep you up to date with the latest trends in job searching, hiring practices, interviewing techniques, and other topics to help you progress in your career.

Data and Statistics

  • County Health Rankings - Applicants may use this link to evaluate public health victories and challenges prospective organizations face. The site may also help candidates grasp a deeper understanding of public health trends and local government's role in contributing to a higher quality of life.
  • Interactive 2010 Census Map - Applicants may use this resource to browse general statistics related to population growth and decline, note changes in racial and ethnic concentrations, and examine patterns of housing development in any county within the United States.
  • - This site has collected and analyzed data from numerous sources to create profiles of all U.S. cities.  Data includes demographics, cost of living, crime statistics, local news links, weather, hospitals, city guides, city and area population, and much more.
  • - Zipskinny is a website that allows you to enter your zip code to see United States Census data related to any city in the U.S. The power of this site is that it allows you to also compare neighboring zip code statistics, providing applicants with a  snapshot of regional demographic data.

  • FBI Uniform Crime Report - View statistics and trends on crime in the nation provided by the FBI.

  • RAIDS Online - This is a great tool to map out crimes, etc. in a community.
  • ACCRA Cost of Living Index - The ACCRA Cost of Living Index provides city-to-city comparisons of key consumer costs. 
  • AreaVibes Cost of Living Calculator - See the cost of living comparison of two cities.
  • Bankate Cost of Living Comparison - See the cost of living comparison of two cities.
  • International Cost of Living Index - See the cost of living comparison from cities in the US, UK, and Australia.
  • Real Estate Center (by Texas A&M) - A tool to help Texans make better real estate decision.
  • Federation of Tax Administrators - This site provides summary tables of major state taxes, including state income tax rates and state sales tax rates.
  • State Business Tax Climate Index - The Tax Foundation's State Business Tax Climate Index  enables business leaders, government policymakers, and taxpayers to gauge how their states' tax systems compare.
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Job Posting Websites (City/County/Federal)

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Job Posting Websites (Non-profit)

  • Non-profit Job market (primarily Northeast and California)                                                                         
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Search Firms

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Job Hunting, Resume and Interview Tips

  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategy - Grow your LinkedIn networks with this 5-minute daily plan.
  • CareeRealism - This site contains many short, xcellent articles about job searching and other career advice. 
  • Job Hunter Coach - This coaching site has great resources for those looking for a job.
  • Expert Resume Service - Expert Resume Service has developed a reputation and track record for excellence in advising individuals regarding development of professional resumes, as well as career transition and performance coaching. For more information, e-mail .
  • Crafting a Winning Transmittal Letter - This online course takes approximately one hour to complete and walks local government job seekers through the first stage of the application submission process, including “stand out from the crowd” email submission techniques, a successful transmittal letter crafting process, and transmittal letter spoilers that must be avoided.
  • Mastering the Online Interview - This online course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and is designed to walk local government job seekers through preparation and execution of a successful online interview.
  • Nerd Wallet - NerdWallet provides "best cities" and comparison information on jobs and economics, housing and homeownership, and lifestyle.
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Job Transition Assistance

  • Money Talk News - A great source that will provide practical cost-saving ideas.
  • Choose to Save - A pool of financial resources, including a collection of financial calculators.