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Administrator Transition Package

The Learning Management System (LMS) will be upgraded and made available starting on Monday, October 7th.

Login to the LMS by clicking here.

Each person in your organization with an LMS account will be assigned their respective guide and webinar.  The links below are simply a second way to access the guide and webinar if you are unable to easily locate them inside the LMS.  The guide and webinar will be available at any time to reference in the future by simply visiting the My Training navigation tab in the LMS.  This is discussed in detail inside the guide and webinar.

Accessing the Administrator Guide and Webinar

SGR has created a tailored guide and webinar for each type of user in the system.  The links below are intended for Administrators only; Administrators were called Managers in the previous LMS.

Administrator Guide

Front End User Webinar

Administrator Webinar

Keeping Your Guide Up-To-Date

As additional features are added or improved upon in the LMS, SGR will promptly update the guides to reflect those improvements as well as highlight them in the quarterly newsletter.  Please consider utilizing the LMS to access these guides instead of saving them on your computer so that you always have the most up-to-date information available.

Please feel free to contact your Org Administrator if you have any questions regarding this transition. Thank you!